A Model of Excellence or Perfection

The Perfect Breed Is Born

Just how was the perfect breed born?

Darren Griffith, a small town boy with big dreams, would settle for nothing less than perfection! He wanted to take ordinary and turn it into extraordinary. Enduring an aneurysm at the young age of twelve ultimately motivated and inspired Darren to live his life to the fullest. Reinventing himself, Darren embodied that “to the limit,” lifestyle that inevitably influenced the creation of Paragon. Darren understands the basic human desire for adventure. One might say the biggest adventure Darren has embarked on, is that of fatherhood. Darren and his son Gunnar have a father/son relationship that most might envy. Gunnar is a remarkable kid; one of the most kind-hearted, energetic, just overall coolest kids you would ever have the opportunity to know. Darren, also known as the “cool dad,” loves to spend time with Gunnar, as his son is his number one priority in life. You could even say the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, because even Gunnar has that eye for perfection, as he helped to recruit one of the best Paragon girls to date; Samantha Allison. In addition to being a father, Darren has successfully sought out hundreds of individual experiences that most people would only dare to fantasize about; however, the most successful and fulfilling experience of them all, the birth of Paragon that has sparked a pandemonium in the entertainment industry. Paragon was founded to meet the retail and entertainment needs of consumers who seek stylish, culturally progressive, adventure themed products and entertainment. What began as a simple silhouette “sketch,” turned into the phenomenon known as Paragon, “a model of excellence or perfection.” Because of Darren’s passion, quality products, and record of operational excellence, Paragon has attracted the most engaging and effective team in the world to support and accentuate his efforts and the Paragon mission.

Darren Griffith is the founder and chief designer of  Paragon. He is the sole owner of Paragon and manages all aspects of brand development, merchandising, and marketing. Each design manifested on a Paragon shirt emulates personal meaning and inspiration to Darren. Take for instance Darren’s current “Artist Entrance” design. The ever elusive and desirable artist entrance, what’s behind the door? Everyone is intrigued and enticed by “breaking through” to the other side wherein lays the perfect rock and roll lifestyle; the perfect ray of light or ultimate escape. Other influences and muses include Playboy Playmates Christi Shake and Crystal Milana. Milana served as the inspiration behind the now infamous “Knockout” shirt. After all, a Paragon girl is “America’s Best Built Machine!” A Paragon girl not only unveils natural beauty, but exudes confidence, is humble, possesses a great personality, can laugh at one’s self and have fun, and most importantly, be up for the challenge that is to fulfill the mission of Paragon. It takes a complete package to make the machine work! For this very reason, Darren personally hand picks each and every girl, which represents Paragon. Darren has successfully projected the innate desire for excitement into all of Paragons products and services. In Darren’s projects around the world, he has witnessed the majority of the global consumer population to be intelligent and professionally productive; however, they are seeking more brand aggressive and psychologically engaging lifestyle products and entertainment. Paragon fills that need. The Paragon girls coupled with the actual branding of apparel has served as the successful formula needed to make the business “take off.” From fashion shows to rock shows, Grammy’s swag and magazine spreads, the Paragon brand has proven itself able of notable success. Earning celebrity status, among the likes of Charm City Devils and other rock legends, Kiowa Gordon, Diego Boneta, Brooke Haven, and Katie Daryl, has helped to catapult the success of Paragon to new levels!